Sekels GmbH – Your specialist for inductive components, magnetic cores & materials, magnet systems, magnetic shielding and shielding systems

  • Tape-Wound Toroidal and C-Cores

    Standard and customer-specific sizes from VITROPERM®, VITROVAC® and METGLAS®

  • Semi-Finished and Bespoke Parts

    Comprehensive stock-keeping of NiFe- and CoFe-alloys (MUMETALL®, PERMENORM®, VACOFLUX®, VITROVAC®) in various sizes, pre-cutting, machining and annealing.

  • Magnetic Shielding and Shielding Systems

    Calculation, design and production of Magnetic Shielding and Shielding Systems against low-frequency and static magnetic fields, including annealing and final testing. Measurement of interfering fields on site or in our lab. Technical consulting.

  • Inductive Components

    SEKELS components supplement the distribution program and offer customer-specific solutions - from standard-close chokes and transformers to sophisticated sub-systems. We design and produce according to your individual requirements, from prototypes to series deliveries.

  • Magnet Systems

    From pole shoes made from Fe or CoFe alloys to active magnet sytems. We know the alloys, how to machine and to join them - for your induvidual one stop solution.

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