Happy Easter Holidays!


Our office, as well as goods receiving department are closed during the Easter holidays from Friday April 18th up to and including Monday April 21st 2014.

SEKELS Products and Services

SEKELS GmbH designs, produces and trades products which are mostly related with magnetism.

Standard and customer-specific sizes from VITROPERM®, VITROVAC® and METGLAS®

Comprehensive stock-keeping of NiFe- and CoFe-alloys (MUMETALL®, PERMENORM®, VACOFLUX®, VITROVAC®) in various sizes, pre-cutting, machining and annealing.

Calculation, design and production of Magnetic Shielding and Shielding Systems against low-frequency and static magnetic fields, including annealing and final testing. Measurement of interfering fields on site or in our lab. Technical consulting.

SEKELS components supplement the distribution program and offer customer-specific solutions - from standard-close chokes and transformers to sophisticated sub-systems. We design and produce according to your individual requirements, from prototypes to series deliveries.

From pole shoes made from Fe or CoFe alloys to active magnet sytems. We know the alloys, how to machine and to join them - for your induvidual one stop solution.

Expert Distributor of VACUUMSCHMELZE GmbH & Co. KG (VAC)

Our distribution program of VAC products comprises Soft Magnetic and Physical Alloys, Laminations and Lamination Packages, nanocrystalline and amorphous Tape-Wound Cores (VITROVAC®, VITROPERM®), Inductive Components and Permanent Magnets.

  • We know the products and the applications, and offer support for the material or product selection. Our stock enables a fast availability of samples and series deliveries - worldwide.